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GPower Projects

Are you going to streamline processes, minimize waste of resources, or test new products? We do projects in anything from larger manufacturing companies to smaller test and development environments.

From Smaller Projects to Overall Solutions

Are you going to make a smaller adjustment of your test system? Or is it rather time for you to have an analysis and assessment of a new automation system done? At GPower, we are among the leading experts in Europe to build specialized measuring instruments, controllers, and signal generators for automation, simulation, and test projects.
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We Do Automation

Do you wish to achieve a greater stability, increased safety, and a higher level of efficiency?

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We Do Test

Are you testing products and processes in your production, development department, or laboratory?

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We Do Simulation

Are you developing a product that is difficult to test either because it is too space-consuming or too expensive?

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We Build Instruments

We build measuring instruments, controllers, and signal generators tailored to your project.


We Do Projects in Various Industries

Below, you will find an extract of use cases that illustrate what kind of projects, we are able to solve. Contact us here for more information.

Time for Automation?

When does it make sense to automate your processes, and should all your processes be automated in order to achieve the desired productivity?

By producing a thorough analysis of procedures and processes, we assess where you can achieve the greatest effects.

Check Your Traceability

It is important to document the quality of your products which can be achieved by means of traceability in the production.

At GPower, we provide solutions that ensure this kind of traceability as well as your processes.

High-performing Processes

Do you have a need to run a lot of measurements to evaluate whether a process works as specified?

By means of an automated test system, we facilitate the measurement process, save the results, and ensure the quality.

Optimize Processes

Do you have one or more processes that should be optimized for the purpose of increasing the efficiency or the security?

Did you know that our industrial controllers solve tasks like this with far more flexibility and customization than the traditional solutions at the market?

Follow the Guidelines

Are you observing the guidelines, set of rules, and legislation for your industry?

By means of test and measurement, we can for instance analyze and assess whether you follow the existing guidelines.

Log Valuable Data

By selecting your measurements, you will only be focusing on valuable data sets.

Our solutions ensure a high quality in terms of data collection – solutions focusing on data quality rather than data quantity regarding data logging.

Ongoing Control

Are you going to make ongoing control of oil pressure, vibrations, or heat emission on ships or cars among others?

By means of data from our customized instruments, you can, among other things, optimize your consumption as well as increase your security.

Measure Your Data

Are you going to measure a slowly, changing temperature or a rapid change in speed?

Our instruments can be implemented on either new or existing systems in industries related to wind or electronic production among others.

Reduce Your Costs

Få hjælp til, hvornår det kan betale sig at automatisere

Are your machines working as efficiently as possible?

With our modular instruments, we can, among other things, reduce your daily operating costs by ensuring that your machines are serviced optimally and optimized correctly.

Experts in LabVIEW and TestStand

Besides our CTO is the only LabVIEW Champion in Denmark, a characteristic of our development department is also that all developers are certified in either LabVIEW, TestStand, or both. Consequently, we have a strong foundation in order to develop high-quality software solutions.
With Our Concept, You Will Achieve:

Higher Quality

Lower Costs

Shorter Development Time

More Flexibility
An Elaboration of GPower's Project Concept
Say Goodbye to Traditional Project Solution

At GPower, we are moving away from traditional project solution regarding test, measurement, and control by using a robust software foundation consisting of our proprietary basic libraries and well-proven modules from previous projects. As a result, we can provide projects that in many cases consist of only 20-30% new source code – an approach that typically results in higher quality, lower costs, shorter development time, and more flexibility.

How can we make a difference for your next project? Sign up and get some ideas.

What Kind of Platforms Do We Use?

Our modular software and hardware make it possible for us to do anything from classic instrumentation with embedded solutions to implementation on applications such as desktop, industrial, and mobile.
Vi gør brug af desktop som platform
Vi gør brug af mobile som platform
Vi gør brug af enterprise som platform
Vi gør brug af mobile som platform
Want to Know More about Price and Functionality?
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