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Get a standardized, but at the same time modular and scalable system that can handle all kinds of test executions.

What Is ProFactory?

ProFactory is a hardware and software solution for your production facilities, R&D departments, and laboratories. An enterprise solution that can be implemented on a single computer and scale to embrace a global corporation.

With ProFactory you can build any physical station for computer-based test and measurement, control, and automation. ProFactory stations support manual or semi-automatic operation by human operators and can be fully integrated with automated inline or robotic controlled environments. Anything that involves use of electronic instruments and mechatronic equipment, for any purpose and at any scale, can be implemented with ProFactory.

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Download all the material
about ProFactory
Download all the material
about ProFactory

Why ProFactory?

Save Time by Automating Your Test Management

Saving time is the most important metric to stay competitive with increasingly rapid changes to requirements. ProFactory saves you time in all operations; The test developer gets you ready for test faster, both with new products and with variants of existing ones. The test technician spends less time on planned and unplanned maintenance, leaving your equipment more time for actual production. Your stations are much more flexible which allows for higher equipment utilization, less downtime, and more choices moving functions around in your factory. Your operators are guided and have more execution options at their disposal which leads to fewer errors and more efficient station use.

Save Money by Standardizing while Maintaining Flexibility

Maintaining your own custom equipment is expensive. You alone pay for every feature development and perform all running improvements yourself, you are responsible for custom training, and you often need to stock many different spare parts. The result is often inefficient equipment, wished-for features are never implemented, and you live with problems that aren’t really solved because it’s too time-consuming and expensive to do much more than just the most important. By standardizing your equipment you share these expenses with many other people. And with ProFactory you can standardize without giving up flexibility. That’s the game changer.

Improve Your Product Quality by Testing Correctly

ProFactory governs many aspects of your test stations which have direct impact on your product quality. You are much less likely to run a wrong test or to run with wrong test parameters, ProFactory can reduce negative effects on your products when retesting, you can take full advantage of instruments and tracing even when testing prototypes and running in products, and additional insights are available if you experience batch problems for instance.

Feel Safe with Central Governance

ProFactory documents and traces many important aspects of your test automatically. With guided operation, central configuration management, and synchronization your test quality is ensured, and with remote supervision and central result collection you are certain to not miss anything.

”From a personal point of view, I find that both small and large-scale companies are very interested in ProFactory for the reason that the investment in a smart test system will make its money back quickly. That is for instance the case in relation to product and feature development, but also in terms of cost minimization and having a future-proof system.”

Martin BojeCEO at GPower

How to Use ProFactory? Application Areas

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An Overview of ProFactory Software

ProFactory GPower

What Is Supervizer?

Supervizer is the custodian of your stations. It improves your product quality, increases the value of your equipment, and reduces the risk of disruptions. With Supervizer, you can reduce development effort, protect equipment and data, reduce maintenance effort, and increase equipment utilization.

  • Increase code reuse by using same test sequence for all product variants on all test stations
  • Collect test results from all stations centrally
  • Avoid testing with different code on different stations
  • Use stations for many different products and small batches with automatic test selection
  • Suspend a long test to make room for a different test or to manage operator shift and resume that test later
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Supervizer GPower

What Is Devizer?

Devizer is the intelligent instrument driver that makes it possible to create one test sequence and use that for all product variants with different hardware on different test stations. Devizer offers hardware type and channel abstraction, functional requirements validation, instrument tracing, and parameterization of instrument properties. Devizer drivers are created with LabVIEW and supported by TestStand. With Devizer you create drivers with just the required instrument functions, more functions can be added as they are needed.

  • Use whatever instrument you have on the shelf
  • Guaranteed to run with the required instrument specifications
  • Continue testing during planned and unplanned maintenance
  • Greatly reduce your spare parts inventory
  • Get ready for test faster and save on software maintenance
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Devizer GPower

What Is Provider?

Provider is the interface between ProFactory and your products. ProFactory defines a UUT (Unit Under Test). A UUT always has a serial number, and that serial number always at least belongs to a product. Optionally it could be a variant of a product, and optionally the product could be part of a category, but the serial number <-> product association is mandatory.

Most configurations you make with ProFactory are associated with one or more UUTs: An execution rule applies to one or more UUTs, a test applies to one or more UUTs and so on. Any UUT you put to the test has to be identified so ProFactory knows what to do with it.

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Provider GPower

An Overview of ProFactory Hardware

ProFactory Hardware GPower


We can offer turn-key stations of any kind from single benchtop instruments to complete stand-alone or inline enclosures. Stations are used for many different operations, typical ones are test stations (electrical, mechanical, component, PCBA, assembly), programming stations, inspection stations (service, quality, defects), configuration stations, machine control equipment, calibration stations, guided operations (packing, service, repair), equipment for machine vision, and equipment for data collection and mobile operations.

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GPower can supply any commercial instrument on the market: Measurement devices, signal generators, power supplies, controllers, industrial interfaces, communication devices, programmers, etc. We have the knowhow to help you select the right instrument. We can supply pre-built Devizer drivers for many common instruments or build one if a driver doesn’t already exist.

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Fixtures are typical UUT connectivity components and prime candidates for platform design with ProFactory. Some of our key fixture features:

  • Fixture identification
  • Fixture connectivity and action counters
  • Fixture temperature monitoring
  • In-fixture UUT identification
  • In-fixture instruments and device programming
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An Overview of ProFactory Services

ProFactory Services GPower

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