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Provider of Software and Hardware from National Instruments

The combination of a partnership, a cooperation, and more than 20 years’ experience with software and hardware from National Instruments have made us market leaders with regard to specialized solutions for collecting measurements, generating signals, and saving data sets.

Software and Hardware from National Instruments

As Silver Alliance Partner at National Instruments, we are among the leading experts in Europe to solve software and hardware challenges for test, measurement, and control. The title is also supported by a strategic cooperation with National Instruments. Here, we combine National Instruments’ hardware with our proprietary software for the purpose of delivering affordable, high-quality instruments on time.

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Characteristics of the GPower Team

In Denmark, GPower is among the highest certified teams with regard to LabVIEW and TestStand certifications. Besides creating a strong foundation for developing high-quality software solutions, the certifications are also creating a common foundation and an environment focusing on technical skills and expert knowledge.

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What Are We Doing at GPower?

At GPower, we provide specialized instruments and test systems that are primarily developed by using the programming language, LabVIEW, and the framework for test management, TestStand – two software products from National Instruments (NI).

So, in addition to being our preferred software supplier, NI is also our preferred hardware supplier. The reason for this is based on many years of experience showing that solutions, developed by using software and hardware from NI, are high-quality solutions when it comes to developing specialized systems for test, measurement, and control.

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