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Are you developing a product that is difficult to test either because it is too space-consuming, too expensive, or because it simply does not exist yet? With our simulations we will make it possible while reducing your costs significantly.

Simulations Make the Impossible, Possible

Simulations Make large, expensive and un-developed projects possible

When we create simulators, which are electronic models of reality, we do it for both practical and financial reasons. Besides being expensive, impractical and time-consuming to test and develop functions in large machinery such as wind turbines and freight-ships, it can also prove to be more or less impossible if a product does not yet exist or is merely an idea at the moment.

Get your projects started

Because our simulators do not require connection to actual hardware that means we can make your expensive and yet-to-be-developed projects a reality. As an example, we develop simulators to test the functions in airplanes. An otherwise dangerous and impractical test becomes possible through our simulators.


Are you thinking of developing a new product or testing new functions in an existing product, but have been forced to cancel those plans due to time and financial costs? Our knowhow in terms of simulators is most likely to benefit you and get your projects on track.

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Experts in LabVIEW and TestStand

Besides our CTO is the only LabVIEW Champion in Denmark, a characteristic of our development department is also that all developers are certified in either LabVIEW, TestStand, or both. Consequently, we have a strong foundation in order to develop high-quality software solutions.

Industries We Are Dealing With

Learn more about how simulations make large, expensive and potential projects possible.

Om GPower
Om GPower

Are You Using Software and Hardware from National Instruments?

As Alliance Partner at National Instruments, we are among the leading experts in Europe to solve software and hardware challenges for test, measurement, and control. Our title as Alliance Partner is also supported by a strategic cooperation with National Instruments. Here, we combine National Instruments’ hardware with our proprietary software for the purpose of delivering affordable, high-quality instruments on time.

The combination of a partnership, a cooperation, and more than 20 years’ experience with software and hardware from National Instruments have made us market leaders with regard to specialized solutions for collecting measurements, generating signals, and saving data sets.

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A Previous Case

Simulating Wind Turbines

Siemens has the need to test a lot when they develop their wind turbines. Since it is both expensive and space-consuming to have an entire park of wind turbines available, we developed a wind turbine simulator that is less space-consuming and easier to duplicate than an actual, physical wind turbine.

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