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Trace your test stations, manage your assets, and increase your equipment control! These features are now possible owing to GPower's Supervizer – part of ProFactory.

What Is Supervizer?

Supervizer ensures you do your test processes right and it maximizes your station uptime and equipment value. Supervizer does this by managing your stations and test configurations to make sure you lways run the right test with the right parameters.

Supervizer also offers advanced control options such as partial testing and suspend and later resume of tests, it enables deep tracing of your test process and test environment, it offers central configuration and automatic result collection, and it offers remote supervision of your stations.

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GPowers Supervizer

Supervizer – Part of the ProFactory Software

ProFactory Software

Why Supervizer?

  • Save money by reducing your development effort
  • Save time by reducing your maintenance effort
  • Increase product quality by testing correctly every time
  • Increase equipment utilization by increasing operating process automation
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