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Are you going to link serial numbers to product categories, products, or product variants? With GPower's Provider, you can specify test differences between variants and specific serial numbers.

What Is Provider?

Provider is the software component that lets ProFactory identify and describe your unit under test (UUT) in a standardized fashion. A physical UUT must always have a serial number. The UUT may be a variant of a product and the product may be part of a category, but variant and category are optional.

Why Provider?
  • Save time and money by running the right test every time
  • Integrate easily with your existing MES and product manager … or let Provider be your product manager
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GPowers Provider

Provider – Part of the ProFactory Software

ProFactory Software

More Information about Provider

An Elaboration of UUT

ProFactory configurations are all associated with UUTs, so all ProFactory work begins with reliable identification of the UUT. Provider solves three common complicating factors with UUTs: Operators sometimes make mistakes when forced to manually select tests, serial numbers aren’t necessarily unique, how to utilize your equipment to test prototypes, and existing back-end product management systems are very dissimilar.

How ProFactory Helps You Run the Right Test Every Time

On a classic test system the operator starts by selecting which test to run. Selecting the wrong test, or even just selecting the wrong parameters for the right test, wastes a lot of production time and puts both the UUT, station, and test result data at risk.

Test selection workflow is much safer with ProFactory. With ProFactory you don’t select the test and parameters, you instead identify the product and leave it to ProFactory to pick the right test and apply the right parameters for you.

ProFactory knows which UUTs are allowed on the station, and it can continuously monitor what test equipment (fixtures, cables etc.) is connected to the station. The connected test equipment can refine the possible UUT options dramatically, and in many cases even reduce it to a single choice for the operator.

One of the many ways ProFactory saves you maintenance time is by encouraging you to maintain just a single test sequence for all a product’s variants, and then supply parameters to that single test sequence to vary the test according to variant. Usual parameters are validation limits and test stimuli, but ProFactory also offers variation in test flow. Some product variants go through the entire test sequence, other
variants might skip parts of the test. This also allows for easy prototype testing: Simply create and configure a special variant for your prototype serial number, and when done, delete it again.

With ProFactory test parameterization is not limited to variants, you can also specify different parameters for different test counts. You can specify a strict set of parameters for the first run of the UUT, and if you test that serial number again (a retest) you could specify a slightly more forgiving set of testing limits or less stressful stimuli for instance.

Therefore, with ProFactory you run the right test, with the right parameters, every time. With full and automatic documentation of what has happened.

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