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Trace your instruments, improve your test quality, and reduce your downtime! These features are now possible owing to GPower's Devizer – part of ProFactory.

What Is Devizer?

Devizer is an intelligent instrument driver that makes it possible to create one test sequence and use that for all product variants with different hardware on different test stations.

Devizer offers a unique hardware abstraction strategy of abstracting on functions and channels instead of on instrument type. With features such as test requirements validation, instrument tracing, and parameterization of instrument properties, Devizer instrument drivers offer unique value and are a perfect fit for use in test sequences created with the standard test management software NI TestStand. Create Devizer instrument drivers function by function yourself or acquire ready-to-run Devizer drivers from GPower.

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Devizer – Part of the ProFactory Software

ProFactory Software

Why Devizer?

  • Save installation time by using whichever instrument you have on the shelf
  • Ensure test quality by guaranteed test requirements realization
  • Increase uptime by continuing testing during planned and unplanned maintenance
  • Save money and space by reducing your spare parts inventory
  • Save development time by implementing only the functions you require today
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