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At GPower, we have several years of experience with development projects in the energy sector, especially in the field of renewable energy. Here, we have for instance been dealing with development of simulators as well as test equipment that is part of the production of inverters for solar cells. In addition, we have also developed controllers for generators and test systems for the development and the production of fuel cells.

Moreover, we have also lots of experience in upgrading and expanding functions in existing systems for the purpose of streamlining and optimizing production and development processes.

Based on our technical skills, experience from previous projects, and current cooperation with some of the biggest players in the global wind industry, we consider ourselves as a strong partner with a great know-how in terms of the energy sector.

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Want to know more about our skill set regarding the energy sector? In addition, how our know-how can be used to record measurements, generate signals, simulate physical systems, and automate processes?

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