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From Old to New
Software Architecture

Fida Biosystems

Stating the problem

How far down the rabbit hole of software development should you go as a start-up company, when you do not have any software engineers on the team? That was the central question when Fida Biosystems (FB) contacted GPower regarding development assistance.

For FB, the challenge was that they had a pharmaceutical instrument with great perspectives but lacked the expertise to deliver a user interface with the desired functionality. It was essential for the product that the user interface appeared intuitive and easily recognizable to ensure good user experience.

GPower helped us solve our programming related challenges while teaching us new aspects of LabVIEW-based programming. The cooperation with GPower has been easy, educational, and efficient. We highly recommend GPower.

Fida Biosystems


The solution was a consultant agreement where we supplied know-how and development assistance while FB delivered the majority of the implementation.

At first, we analysed the existing code and then submitted a recommendation to a new software architecture that among others focused on uniformity and robustness. When the frame was defined, FB could start translating code from the old software to the new architecture. Apart from saving a lot of consultant hours, it also strengthened their competencies within software development since they had us on the sideline to carve the most challenging pieces of the puzzle such as hardware drivers and customized controls.


With this solution, FB benefited from our expertise while keeping full control of their software. At the same time, it allowed FB’s employees to spend their time focusing on their product rather than having to solve complicated software challenges that otherwise were outside their remit.

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