An Update from Austin! [NIWeek 2018]

We have just received an update from Austin from our CTO, Steen Secher Schmidt, and CEO, Martin Boje, who attend this year's NIWeek.

Why Go to NIWeek?

In addition to the fact that Steen and Martin attend NIWeek in Austin to meet a lot of collaborators and professionals, they also attend NIWeek in order to learn more about the latest technologies and strategies at National Instruments (NI) – and with good reason as these expectations have been fulfilled!

A Strategic Cooperation with NI

Besides a lot of knowledge, experiences and inspiration, the last message from Austin was not least a lot of motivation. Martin and Steen have been confirmed by the fact that our product range, which we are launching soon, is consistent with also NI’s future strategies and product development to an even greater extent than expected.

Now, both of them look forward to getting home and rolling out our product range on the website – a new product range where we merge NI’s hardware with our proprietary software.

An Update Next Week

Given that the above-mentioned update is just an overall impression of this week’s many experiences, we will make a more detailed blog post about NIWeek next week when Martin and Steen are back at the office. Meanwhile, follow us on LinkedIn.


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