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The GPower Team

Who are we – and how is the distribution of roles? Here, you will, among other things, get an overview of the GPower team.

Meet Our Team

Jens Christian: Tech Lead and Developer at GPower

Jens Christian Andersen

Senior Specialist
B.Sc.Eng. Electronics
+45 91 56 54 90

Mads: Tech Lead and Developer at GPower

Mads Grunnet Askholt

Tech Lead
B.Sc.Eng. Electronics
+45 30 54 18 77

Marck Holm Hansen: Software Developer at GPower

Marck Holm Hansen

Tech Lead
B.Sc.Eng. Electronics
+45 29 88 98 90

Andreas: Developer at GPower

Andreas Boes Jakobsen

Systems Engineer
M.Sc. Physics

Aske: Developer at GPower

Aske Rolighed Thorsen

Systems Engineer
M.Sc. Physics

More TestStand Architects at GPower
Jeppe: Developer at GPower

Jeppe Lohse

Systems Engineer
M.Sc.Eng. Photonics

Jesper: Developer at GPower
Jesper: Developer at GPower

Jesper Kjær Sørensen

Systems Engineer
M.Sc.Eng. EMSD

Kåre: Developer at GPower

Kåre Juul Kirkegaard

Systems Engineer
B.Sc.Eng. Electronics

Danny Halskov Birkmose: Software developer at GPower

Danny Halskov Birkmose

Systems Engineer
M.Sc. Physics

Gabrielle Bro Øe Svendsen: Communications

Gabrielle Bro Øe Svendsen

Communications Officer
+45 51 90 57 90

Steen: Teknisk direktør hos GPower

Steen Secher Schmidt

+45 29 70 89 00

Coming soon

Henrik Hedegaard Sørensen

Sales Manager
+45 61 65 77 60

Our Mission

GPower’s mission is to deliver affordable and innovative test and measurement systems of the highest quality while also putting an end to expensive and endless projects regarding test, measurement, and control. Why? Because we want to make advanced instrumentation more accessible, so small and medium-sized companies also can afford high-quality measuring instruments, controllers, and signal generators.

The Best Certification Average in Denmark

At GPower, we are among the highest certified LabVIEW and TestStand teams in Europe. Both are software products from NI (National Instruments). Moreover, we are also the team with the highest NI certification average in Denmark. Certifications that are supported by the fact that our founder, in addition, is the only LabVIEW Champion in Denmark.

But what do the certifications and titles really mean to you? Besides, we are approved to solve the most demanding software challenges for test, measurement, and control, the certifications are also creating an environment focusing on common software skills and expert knowledge. Hence, a strong foundation for developing software solutions of the highest quality. Skills that might be relevant if you, e.g. need a measurement system for data logging in a development department or a test system for quality assurance of processes in a manufacturing company.

GPower's certifications
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Are You also a LabVIEW or TestStand Expert?

You are always welcome to send an unsolicited application to us in which you describe yourself, your background, your skills, and why you want to be a part of our team. All applications should be sent to

Latest Team News

New Sales Manager at GPower!

New Sales Manager at GPower!

Henrik Hedegaard Sørensen is GPower’s new Sales Manager! Besides being in charge of sales and business development

Congratulations on Your Title as LabVIEW Architect!

Congratulations on Your Title as LabVIEW Architect!

Good news at GPower! In only one month, we have become not just one, but two more LabVIEW architects. Congratulations

One More LabVIEW Architect at GPower!

One More LabVIEW Architect at GPower!

Congratulations to our systems engineer, Danny Halskov Birkmose, who has also gained the highest LabVIEW certification.

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