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About GPower

GPower is a software company that builds specialized measuring instruments, controllers, and signal generators for automation, simulation, and test projects.

GPower In Short

By means of our proprietary software, we deliver affordable, high-quality instruments on time while also putting an end to expensive and endless projects regarding test, measurement, and control. This is, among others things, based on a strategic cooperation with National Instruments where we connect National Instruments’ hardware with our proprietary software.


Affordable, High-quality Instruments on Time


We do smaller projects as well as overall solutions


A strategic partnership with National Instruments


Several years of experience from various industries

The Concept

Moving away from expensive instruments and endless projects


Our developers are certified in LabVIEW and TestStand

Affordable, High-quality Instruments on Time


At GPower, we are moving away from traditional project solution regarding test, measurement, and control by using a robust software foundation consisting of our proprietary basic libraries and well-proven modules from previous projects. As a result, we can provide projects that in many cases consist of only 20-30% new source code – an approach that typically results in higher quality, lower costs, shorter development time, and more flexibility.

In others words, while elements used in ‘Project A’ and ‘Project B’ have not been utilized in project ‘C’ so far, this is now the foundation for our project concept – a concept that moves away from traditional project solutions regarding test and measurement among others by using a modular software platform.


When we will put an end to expensive instruments and endless projects, it is because of the fact that we want to increase the accessibility. In this way, high-quality instruments are no longer just for the largest companies with the largest budgets as previously seen. It is also for small as well as medium-sized companies that, like us, want to complete projects in a faster way and improve time to market.


With Our Concept, You Will Achieve:

Higher Quality

Lower Costs

Shorter Development Time

More Flexibility

Who Are Our Clients?

Here at GPower, we have several clients and collaborators who are working passionately in terms of green-tech and green energy. We view it as a privilege and of extreme importance to be an active party in optimizing, furthering, and strengthening the development of green technology and energy production. That said, we have also a wide range of experience from other industries, which you can read more about clicking here.

What Is GPower Based on?

Our name, GPower, is based on the programming language G, of which LabVIEW acts as the editor itself. In addition to LabVIEW, which works as our primary tool, GPower is also based on the conviction that the market standard has been too expensive and too time consuming so far in the development and implementation of software and hardware for measuring and testing in the industry – a story you can read more about in The Story of GPower.

– Tomorrow’s Industries, Today

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